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Foshan Shunde Dingye Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the Pearl River Delta hinterland - Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong Province, adjacent to 105 National Highway, with very convenient traffic environment. The machinery accessories company specializing in research, development and production, and existing production workshop of 15,000 square meters and 180 employees. Management mode in accordance with the combination of institutionalized humane internal management, strict internal management systems, incentive system, a comprehensive human resources training system and employing system, a group of experienced professional experience in the practical operation of each contributed more than a dozen years of R & D team and management team, and regular management expert training and guidance.

The principle of customer satisfaction for the purpose of the first in the industry in accordance with ISO9000 international standard quality system. Products from raw materials, semi-finished products, finished up after-sales service process are strictly in accordance with the standard control and testing.
main raw material: imported from Japan, Taiwan, Australia and other countries or regions.
production and testing equipment: the vast majority from Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan and other countries or regions.
imports products : digital display, digital meter, adjustable handles, five-star handles, corrugated handles, scale knobs, star-shaped handle, ruled handle, turn the handle, side handle, tubular handle, shake handle, hand wheel series, engineering towline, manual lubrication pumps and other products.

Widely used in a variety of machine tools, such as: carpentry, food, printing, ceramics, glass, machinery and so on.
range of materials: bakelite, plastics, engineering plastics, aluminum, etc. according to customer use characteristics arbitrary choice.
product quality: high durability, high precision, delicate appearance, stable performance and high quality products.
Monthly Production Capacity: to reach 1.2 million, the strict quality requirements of spare parts for many famous brand machine (tool).
after-sales service: focus on commitment, 100% of the grievances of the customers continue to meet customer requirements.
company's goals: cast of first-class quality, to conquer the world with quality.